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Here at Level Nine Sports we take pride in our strong record of philanthropy as a part of what we feel is responsible corporate citizenship so-to-speak. Every year we donate our time, gear, money, and some elbow grease toward improving our community at the local and global level. Take a look at some of our past charitable works:

2014 Donations

Dollar For Dollar on Christmas Day 2014 Christmas
Dollar For Dollar on Christmas Day 2014 Thanksgiving

Thanks L9 customers! For these Dollar for Dollar donations a check in the amount of $103,050 has been sent to givedirectly.org!

2013 Donations

Coats For Kids

Coats For Kids Update 12/2/2014: While we were successful in visiting and vetting factories, we have been unable to procure goods in time to distribute for this winter season. As we collected funds for this venture, we have decided to increase our donation to givedirectly.org! from our 2014 Thanksgiving program by amount we had earmarked towards the Coats for Kids program. We are still making progress and hope to have product to distribute by next winter. We will keep you posted

We try to be good citizens and do our part in giving back. One of the toughest parts has always been finding charities that align with L9's children focused beliefs AND operate in an efficient way so that the money we donate affects those in need in the maximum way.

It has long been an L9 goal to set up a charity that runs with the same zest for accountability and productivity as does L9 itself.

While we work through the steps in creating our own non profit we have decided we have had enough of buying charity administrators and their families first class tickets to Olympics and are going forward on our own.

What does this mean for me as an L9 customer?

Absolutely nothing. We will continue to try to bring the best service, quality, and prices with every transaction. You should hold us to the same high standards in making you a satisfied customer as you always have.

Why are you telling me this?

From time to time we will dedicate proceeds of sales to this effort and just want to give some visibility as to what that means.

What are you doing now?

We have decided the most efficient way to get a long term pipeline of products is to make them ourselves. We failed in getting adequate samples in our first attempt at self manufacturing this season. In January 2014 we will attend the ISPO trade show in Germany and source products immediately from there. We are striving to have coats for donation for fall 2014.

What can I do to help?

Thanks, but nothing really at this time. In the future we may be in need of logistical help in distributing the product, but for now we are not asking for any assistance.

Can I donate to this cause?

Again no, but thanks. For the foreseeable future L9 will be running this charity from our own profits. We encourage you to donate your time or money to whatever cause you believe in, but consider using a valid charity evaluation service such as guidestar.org before sending money.

Who will you be donating to?

Initially we intend our donations to be distributed through elementary schools in low income neighborhoods. We may ask for your help in having these agencies contact us as we get closer to having the product available to ship.

Past Years

Prior to 2013

We have teamed up with a lot of different organizations to help give back to both our local community and elsewhere around the US.

Not sure if the charity close to your heart is right for Level9? It probably is, in the last year we’ve teamed up with a wide variety of organizations, including:

Logos of the Charities we've supported over the years

Best way to recommend an organization would be to e-mail [email protected]