New Zealand Shipping

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We ship UPS to New Zealand for only $39 with a $125 minimum order value (before shipping). Certain items like helmets and gear bags that are bulky and relatively inexpensive may catch a surcharge. New Zealand has a flat GST (goods and services tax) of 15% on product, shipping and duties. this is not collected until the total tax and duty amount exceeds $60NZ. This means that orders over $400NZ are always supposed to be charged a 15% tax and any duty fees applied to any specific items. Orders under $400NZ, by that logic, usually are charged nothing unless you have ordered many items with high duty (generally apparel.) Many of the items that sells are DUTY FREE (skis, snowboards, ski boots are all duty free items, among other things), so the quick rule of 'under $400NZ=no tax/duty' works in many cases. Additionally New Zealand customs charges $50 clearance fee and UPS charges a $24 brokerage fee if tax and duties are collected. It is always a good idea to check the duty rate on particular items to ensure you aren't cutting it too close (link below). Remember too all prices listed on our website are in US$ and NZ customs does include the shipping price in the value of your order.

Click Here for The New Zealand Customs Service Website

UPS usually takes 4-6 days to make delivery in New Zealand, though we've seen quick deliveries in 3 days (and we've seen slower deliveries too, usually because of a delay at the customs office).

Note: Some products cannot be shipped to New Zealand due to vendor agreements, these items should be clearly marked as such and you will be unable to add them to checkout with a New Zealand shipping address if they are in your cart..

New Zealand Testimonials:

Hi Levelnine,

Im just wanting to say WOW! My skis and bags etc arrived today. The time that it took is incredible so i would like to say a huge thanks for incredible service, and you have a great team who I have chatted away with who have helped me in my decisions. We are off on Thursday for a ski trip and had my fingers xd that they would arrive in time, and they did. Had I ordered this in NZ they still would have not left the depot (so slow here). A few months ago I ordered boots from you and the same service and how prompt they arrived blew me away. So now I can ski those slopes in style. Thanks again LN - you rock and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Stacey L, New Zealand

Hey guys,

Excuse my french but @!#$ those skis got here quick! You guys have awesome service and customer skills. Thanks for all your help throughout the purchasing process. Keep up the good work, hope to come visit you guys next time I'm over your way!

Cheers, Nick F in Auckland

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with my purchasing of the skis! They arrived today and they are gorgeous! I am very happy and will make sure that I pass on how great your site is to my mates. Thanks again.

Kind Regards, Katie

Hi Peter

Just wanted to let you know that my skis arrived the friday after i ordered them, 5 working days which was absolutely awesome. did not have to pay any duty on them as under $400.

skis and bindings look awesome, have not had a chance to try them yet. thanks again for your quick and friendly service

Cheers, Julian