UK Shipping

UK shipping

United Kingdom Shipping

We ship UPS to UK. Prices are in US dollars but you can see an estimate of the total in British Pounds on the UK tab of any product page. Shipping is $39 flat rate per order so if you do all your shopping at once you can get your shipping costs down to a very small percentage of your order (we will lose greatly on shipping but that's OK.)

DHL Express service is approximately 4-5 business days from when you place your order including the time to clear customs.

Items have different duty rates based upon many factors. Check an individual product page to see what TOTAL fees are for that item.

We may occasionally take your item out of its original box if that will save a lot of space, this applies particularly to helmets. We will always ship your order safe and securely, even if we take it out of its original packaging.

If your item is delayed you can use your tracking information to find out why (if you don't have it, contact us).