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Retail: $15.00 Save 80%



Everyone needs extra ski pole baskets because it just snowed 3 feet and your poles aren't staying above the snow or you just happened to lose a pair on the way to the resort. Either way, Level Nine has got you covered with three different extra basket options for the choosing. We have the standard 55mm wide groomer basket, a 90mm wide powder basket and the "piece de resistance": our mega 120mm wide Dreamcatcher basket. The retro Dreamcatcher powder basket is made up of plastic and nylon webbing for optimal powder performance and it's just cool! Select the ski pole basket replacement you need below, or complete the collection and get all three! And if you love Level Nine Sports gear, match these with our brand new 2017 Level Nine ski poles.

Groomer Basket: This is your standard pole basket that measures 20mm in diameter. If you ski a little of everything, especially groomed runs or park, this is the basket for you.

Powder Basket: This basket measures 90mm in diameter and has the traditional pow basket star shape. If you find that your poles are sinking down too far in the deep snow, this is a great solution. This basket isn't too big, it can be used everyday no problem.

Large Powder Basket: This is the biggest powder basket that's also know around L9 as the "DreamCatcher" because it looks like one and dreamcatchers happen to be cool right now. This basket has a diameter of 120mm and is made up of plastic and nylon webbing. This bad boy is not sinking at all in powder and it looks awesome, we highly recommend it.


SKU 35823
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Gender Men's, Women's, Boy's, Girl's

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