Look S-Track Race MTB Clipless Pedals

SKU: 55-425-PD6191
With the largest bearing surface on the market, the Look S-Track pedals give you maximum power transfer. They're compact and lightweight, and excel at evacuating mud, thanks to the Dynamic Cleat System.

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  • DCS cleats included
  • Angular movement: +/- 3 degrees
  • Lateral movement: +/- 1mm
  • Cleat removal angle: 15 degrees
  • Bike type: MTB
  • Interface: Look
  • Spindle / sole height: 12.2mm
  • Thread: 9/16" x 20mm
  • Pedal spindle / crank distance: 53mm
  • Color: Black

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SKU 55-425-PD6191
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Pedal Type Clipless
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