LTD LT1 Girl's Snowboard Bindings Grey/Sky

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Generic Snowboard Binding Sizing
Size Men (US) Women (US) Junior (US)
XS - - to size adult 6
XS/S - - to size adult 6
S 4-8 5-8 to size adult 6
S/M 6-10 5-8 -
M 6-10 7-11 -
M/L 9-13 7-11 -
L 10-13 8+ -
L/XL 10-13 - -
XL 10+ - -


Gender Girl's



Awesome snowboard bindings for the young ones! Quality, good fit, adequate support, decent styling? everything that a little kid could ever wish for. Er, more like everything that her mom and dad would want, but that's ok.

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Aluminum ratchets: A more durable option to plastic or steel ratchets, they are just as light as plastic, but a lot more durable. The teeth that grab the ladder strap also won't wear down as fast, so the ratchet is less likely to slip after frequent usage.

Molded ankle strap: The strap is preformed to fit the contours of the boot where the leg meets the foot at a 90 degree angle. This strap does two things: Increases comfort by eliminating the two contact points that a flat strap would have, and increases performance by having a solid connection with the binding.

Aluminum heelcup: Aluminum is used as the heelcup of this binding to add strength and durability. It is a spot that is subject to a lot of abuse during aggressive riding and throwing the board in the back of a pickup, so aluminum increases the durability.

Anatomical Baseplate: All this means is there is a designated left and right binding that match the shape of each boot better.

High Grade plastic baseplate: Strong baseplate won't crack or break even under pressure.

4 Hole Disc: This binding has the standard 4 hole pattern to fit any snowboard, except Burton.

EVA Toe strap: EVA foam covers the toe strap of this binding to allow molding to the boot, and to add cushion.

High Grade plastic Highback: A nice high back built give you comfort and response, and built to take some punishment and keep ticking.

Padded Baseplate: Some padding on the baseplate to get extra cushion between the boot and the binding that absorbs shock from big jumps or vibrations from choppy terrain.

Included Parts: Included with this binding is a set of screws to attach the board (don't worry, its easy- all boards are predrilled), a small stomp-pad, and a safety leash.

Heel Ramp Adjustment: Before the binding is installed, the heel ramp can be adjusted to customize the binding to fit your boot type and size.


Gender Girl's
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