Nikwax Tech Wash 10 fl oz

SKU: 55Q-OK-TA5105
Nikwax’s Tech Wash is something you should have heard of by now, but if you haven’t listen up! Nikwax is the real deal when it comes to restoring water repellency! Whether you need your outerwear to repel water on safari in the jungles of Ethiopia during a torrential downpour, or during a round of golf on the back 9 it has you covered. Watch as your 10 year old jackets shed jewel-like beads of water like they did when they were new with the tags. Restoring the water repellency of your outerwear and equipment like tents make sense for more than just the obvious reason too. When water repellency is restored, so too is the breathability of the material, so you don’t get wet from the inside as you sweat. Consider the possibility of skipping a purchase of new outwear or equipment and Tech Wash starts to sound pretty darn cheap!

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  • Revitilize gear to its full waterproof potential!
  • Safe for use on any outerwear
  • Free of flourocarbons and VOCs
  • 100% biodegradable water-based formula
  • Nikwax is a global leader in safe, high-performance waterproofing and cleaning solutions for clothing, footwear and equipment
  • Volume: 10 fluid Ounces

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SKU 55Q-OK-TA5105