Northwave Evolution SBS Men's Road Cycling Shoes


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Gender Men's



The Northwave Evolution SBS road cycling shoe features high tech materials like carbon to keep the sole light and to aid in power transfer. Lightweight synthetic meshing keep the shoe very light and airy. One of the most unique and effective features of the shoe is the wood midsole, which utilizes wood's natural vibration dampening properties to help reduce fatigue in the lower leg due to constant road chatter. Two Velcro straps and Northwave's SBS (Step By Step) upper ratcheting strap customize the fit over the whole foot. Additionally, Northwave allows further customization with an adjustable ankle strap.

  • Sole: carbon outsole with wood midsole
  • Upper: microfiber
  • Upper construction: Biomap with tenso straps
  • Closure system: SBS ratchet with 2 Velcro straps
  • Cleat interface: Look (3-bolt)


Gender Men's
Bike Type Road
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