Ortovox Pro Alu III Avalanche Shovel 2017

The Ortovox Pro Alu III avalanche shovel is a tool with many uses. First and foremost it is a tool that's essential to any backcountry outing because it is used to dig out buried victims in the event of an avalanche rescue. Second it helps prevent anybody from being caught in an avalanche because you dig your test pits with them. Third, shovels are just useful in general in the winter months - especially one as lightweight and packable as this folding model. Has two configurations where one is a traditional shovel, and the other is more like a backhoe that lets you move loose snow more easily. Your chances of making a successful rescue depend upon a good shovel like model by Ortovox.

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  • Ortovox uses the most innovative materials available and cutting edge production methods to achieve the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible
  • Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack
  • With Quick-Lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion
  • T-Grip Pro lets one hand grasps the long grip side, which serves as an ergonomic lever, while the other hand has maximum hold on the shaft’s rubber-coated grip zone

Additional Info

Model Year 2017
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Country of Manufacturer Germany
Warranty Manufacturers two year standard warranty