Outdoor Technology Universal Wired Chips Helmet Audio System


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Retail: $39.95 Save 17%




What's really great about Outdoor Technology's Chips Headphones is that they'll work with any helmet with audio slots in the earpads and its about time! Simply, drop them into your earpads, plug in your iPhone or Android Device and become your personal on-mountain DJ. What's amazing about this system is that your device can be controlled by pushing down on the right headphone. You can easily play/pause, skip tracks and answer calls all without even looking at your phone or even taking your glove off! There's also a built in remote/mic with volume control as well because options are always good to have. If your helmet is audio compatible, don't think twice about tossing the Wired Chips in your cart. They are well-designed and sound spectacular.

One Button Does It All: OT made these headphones exceptionally easy to use. You can play/pause, change tracks and answer phone calls all by simple pressing down on the right headphone.

Big Bass, Clear Highs, Clean Sound: The Wired Chips® come equipped with full range 40mm drivers set solidly in the disk shaped casing. This housing allows for better in-helmet acoustics creating the best Hi-Fi experience in the business.

Built-In Call Functionality: Answer your next call without removing your helmet or your gloves using the built in microphone. No more fishing in your snow pants for your phone, or pulling off your mittens and brain bucket.

Universal Helmet Compatibility: The Wired Chips® are compatible with helmets from the following manufacturers that have slots for audio drop ins: Bern, Giro, Smith, Anon, Pro Tec, Bolle, and many more.

In-Line Microphone/Remote: These headphones have a built in microphone/remote on the wire that you plug into your device. You can easily take a phone call and adjust the volume or skip a track without having to take your device out of your pocket.

Functions in Cold Temps: These headphones were tested to work perfectly at -4 Degree F/-20 Degrees C. Brave the cold with a soundtrack!

Sweat and Water Resistant: Being active outdoors, you're bound to get a little wet sometimes especially when there is snow involved. That's why OT made these headphones sweat and water resistant, so don't worry if they get a little wet from time to time, only worry if they get ALOT wet, like dropped and left in a puddle for the day.

Carry Pouch Included: There is a carry pouch included in the packaging to help keep your headphones safe during travel.


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