Sleep anywhere and stay warm with Sleeping Bags from Level Nine Sports
Hiking and Backpacking can be really fun and therapeutic, but to really get out there, you need to make it a multi day trip - which means you’ll be sleeping in the wilderness. Carrying your favorite cozy quilt out there is not feasible (even if you did, it would get so dirty), but Level Nine Sports has the next best thing: warm Sleeping Bags. With our sleeping bags from Big Agnes and Marmot, you’ll be warm whenever you choose to pitch your tent. These durable sleeping bags come in their own small and packable bags. The next day, pack them in your backpack for your next adventure. We have a variety of sleeping bags for all sizes and seasons. Some are great for summer, while others are rated down to freezing temperatures. When choosing a sleeping bag, there are three main things to consider: the size, the filling, and the temperature rating.

The description of each of our Sleeping Bags will tell you the dimensions of the bag so you can get an idea of which one will fit you. Think about how you prefer to sleep as well - if you like to be snug or if you want some room to move around.
Sleeping Bags are generally filled with one of two kinds of insulation - Natural Down, or Synthetic Insulation. Down is usually warmer, but some people are allergic, and warmer isn’t always better, especially if you plan on sleeping in the desert. Synthetic Insulation is a little more durable and the temperature ratings are often more suited for summer months.
Temperature Rating
The temperature rating of a sleeping bag is the easiest and best way to determine how a bag performs. Some sleeping bags are rated as low as 0 degrees, making them great for winter camping, but too much for a summer trip. Check the descriptions of each bag to get an idea of the rating and think about when you’ll be using your bag to make the right decision.

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