Park Tool BBb-3 Big Blue Book 3Rd Edition

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Instead of just monkeying around with a wrench next to your bike, gain the know-how to actually get down to business with the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair in its third edition. This masterpiece tackles any and all repairs that conceivably could need to be done on your bike. Park has done a great job of keeping current with tech that is out today, and how it is best kept in working order. There is a mind boggling lack of standardization in the bike industry, but this book distills it down to the easy to conceptualize basics giving you instruction and lists of tools necessary to do any repair. Don't be intimidated because 'for dummies' is not in the title because this book can make a mechanical genius of anyone.

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  • Updated and expanded with new topics, components, tools, step-by-step procedures and photos
  • Provides both novice and veteran mechanics with the information needed to perform nearly any repair, from trailside adjustments to complete overhauls
  • Written by Calvin Jones, Park Tool Director of Education

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SKU 30-TOOL5982
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