SVST Pro Wax Iron 2000

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Irons work by modulating the application of current to yield an oscillating range of temperature over time as it seeks out the temperature specified by the setting selected. That mumbo jumbo means that your regular iron gets blazing hot even at low settings - hot enough to warp your base, and destroy the water-channeling, micro-pores we know and love - which is why the mega-thick 15mm, heat-holding base plate of the Sun Valley Ski Tools Pro 2000 Wax Iron is better. That thick base is a large enough reservoir for heat to buffer against extreme temperature fluctuations, so you never ruin skis, and you get even, deep-penetrating coverage of your wax. Plus, you won't catch any flak for ruining your household iron!

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Retail: $75.00 Save 20%



  • Comes with an industrial strength M-shaped heating element that is integrated into a solid aluminum 15mm thick base plate.
  • The heating plate's surface is dimpled which will aid in reducing the suction effect often expereinced when the molten wax layer comes into contact with a smooth surface.
  • 110 Volt
  • 8 ft power cord

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SKU 568822