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    Abus Ultra 410 U-Lock 11.8-in Bike Lock - Damaged Packaging

    Abus Ultra 410 U-Lock 11.8-in Bike Lock - Damaged Packaging
    Color: Black/Green
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    Abus Ultra 410 U-Lock will help you secure your personal property from being ripped off in broad daylight. Add a level of deterrence to your lockup that will keep thieves away for good. The durable, double bolting 12mm shackle will keep your bicycle secure in any mid-level security situation. If you are looking for a solid lock that will make sure your bike doesn't roll off without you knowing the Ultra 410 is the lock for you.

    Tech Specs

    ConditionLike New
    Model Year2018


  • 12mm temper hardened steel shackle prevents against cutting and torsion attacks
  • Soft coating won't damage paintwork
  • Rattle-free bracket allows you to fix lock to frame

  • Don't care about the packaging? Then this product is for you! Get new products at a killer deal with the only difference being that the packaging is damaged.

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