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    Atomic Amt Boy Jp Ski Poles

    Atomic Amt Boy Jp Ski Poles
    Color: Black/Red
    Size: 85cm
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    The Atomic Amt Boy Jp Ski Poles are the perfect ski poles for young skiers who want to take their skiing to the next level. These poles are designed with high-strength aluminum for durability, and the ergonomically shaped grip provides a comfortable and secure grip for small hands. With the adjustable strap, the poles stay securely attached to the skier's wrist, giving them confidence and stability while skiing. The poles are lightweight, making it easy for kids to handle them while they navigate the slopes. Overall, the Atomic Amt Boy Jp Ski Poles are an excellent choice for young skiers looking to improve their skiing skills and have fun on the mountain.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2021
    International AvailabilityArgentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States, Canada
    Ski Pole Basket TypeStandard
    Ski Pole ConstructionAluminum


    • Lightweight and durable construction for easy handling
    • Ergonomic grips with adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure hold
    • Ideal for young skiers looking to improve their technique on the slopes
    • Available in various lengths to suit different heights and skill levels
    • Stylish design with Atomic branding and graphics

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