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BootDoc Tech Dry - Boot, Helmet And Glove Dryer

BootDoc Tech Dry - Boot, Helmet And Glove Dryer
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The BootDoc Tech Dry is a revelation for anyone who lives for outdoor adventures! It's your ticket to dry, cozy gear after a day of thrills. Say goodbye to soggy boots, clammy helmets, and damp gloves. This dryer is a magical touch for your gear, ensuring you step into warm, toasty boots every time you head out. Whether you're into skiing, hiking, or any outdoor pursuit, this gadget is your secret weapon. Bid farewell to discomfort and hello to fresh, dry gear. The Tech Dry - a must-have for every adventurer!

Tech Specs

ModelTech Dry - Boot, Helmet And Glove Dryer


  • All-in-One Drying: The BootDoc Tech Dry is a comprehensive drying system for boots, helmets, and gloves simultaneously.
  • Quick Drying: It utilizes a combination of warm air and UV light to rapidly dry and sanitize your gear.
  • Adjustable Timer: The dryer features an adjustable timer, allowing you to customize drying times for different items.
  • Odor Elimination: This system helps eliminate odors by effectively drying and disinfecting your gear.
  • Safe and Efficient: It's designed with safety in mind, preventing overheating and ensuring energy efficiency.

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