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Continental Tube 700C Supersonic PV *Damaged Packaging*

Continental Tube 700C Supersonic PV *Damaged Packaging*
Size: 700c
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Revolutionize your cycling experience with the Continental Tube 700C Supersonic PV, even if its packaging has seen better days. This tube, designed for high-performance road cycling, brings lightweight durability to the forefront. Its Supersonic technology minimizes weight without compromising on strength, enhancing your speed and maneuverability. While the packaging might be imperfect, the tube's ability to support your rides with reduced rolling resistance and improved responsiveness remains untouched. Embrace the imperfections, knowing that within the slightly damaged packaging lies a tube ready to propel your road cycling ventures to new heights.

Tech Specs



  • High-quality tube designed for 700C road bike wheels
  • Supersonic PV indicates a Presta valve for efficient inflation
  • Lightweight construction to minimize rotational weight
  • Durable material reduces the risk of flats on the road
  • Damaged packaging might have minor creases, but the tube's functionality is unharmed.

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