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    Dakine Wristguard Jr Gloves Kid's 2024

    Dakine Wristguard Jr Gloves Kid's 2024
    Color: Black
    Size: Kids Large

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    Introduce your young adventurers to a world of safety and excitement with the Dakine Wristguard Jr Gloves Kid's 2024. Tailored for kids, these gloves prioritize protection without compromising on the fun. Engineered with cutting-edge wristguard technology, they provide essential support for developing wrists, empowering kids to explore various activities fearlessly. Whether they're perfecting their snowboarding skills or venturing into skating, these gloves ensure your little daredevils stay safe while they conquer new horizons.

    Tech Specs

    Primary ColorBlack
    ModelWristguard Jr Gloves
    Model Year2024
    SportSkiing, Snowboarding


    • Kid-Friendly Design: Specially designed for children, these gloves prioritize comfort, safety, and a playful aesthetic.
    • Reinforced Padding: Features extra padding on the palms to protect young wrists during falls or impacts.
    • Colorful Choices: Offers a range of vibrant color options to cater to kids' preferences and personalities.
    • Easy Adjustments: Simple-to-use straps enable easy size adjustments, accommodating growing hands.
    • Durable Build: Constructed with durable materials to withstand the active play of adventurous youngsters.

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