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Ergon Ge1 Evo Slim Grip

Ergon Ge1 Evo Slim Grip
Color: Black

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The Ergon GE1 Evo Slim Grip is the epitome of refined control. These grips offer a slender profile without sacrificing any of the precision, comfort, or style that riders have come to expect from Ergon. Their ergonomic design cradles your hands, reducing stress and fatigue on even the most demanding trails. The textured surface ensures that your grip remains solid, no matter the conditions. If you're a rider who values finesse and subtlety, these grips are a must-have addition to your bike.

Tech Specs

ModelGe1 Evo Slim Grip


  • Slim profile grips with a focus on control and responsiveness.
  • Offers a textured rubber surface for improved grip and comfort.
  • Ergon's ergonomic design reduces pressure points on your hands.
  • Constructed with a robust and weather-resistant rubber compound.
  • Designed to provide a secure fit without bar ends for riders who prefer this setup.

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