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    Feedback Sports Tire Lever

    Feedback Sports Tire Lever
    Color: Red
    Size: One Size

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    The beefiest tire levers are here thanks to Feedback Sports Tire Levers. These bad boys will get even the most difficult tires on and off your wheels with ease. The locking feature allows you to easily lock them together so you don't get stuck with a loner lever. Grab these awesome tire levers today to ensure you can fix any flat and change any tire.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2018
    Bike TypeRoad / MTB
    International AvailabilityUnited States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Japan


    • Hardened CRV tool steel core prevents flex and breakage
    • Spoke hook on each lever
    • High-density polymer protects your rim and promotes smooth tire bead removal
    • Thin-bladed tip maneuvers under even the tightest tire bead
    • Wide and reinforced body promotes confidence even with the most challenging tires
    • Extra-long polymer tab to properly spread hydraulic disc brake pads
    • Slide-fit system keeps the tire tool pair securely together

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