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Fizik Road Shoes Vento Infinito Carbon 2 *Damaged Packaging*

Fizik Road Shoes Vento Infinito Carbon 2 *Damaged Packaging*
Color: White/Black
Size: 47
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Don't let the damaged packaging deter you from experiencing the unmatched performance of the Fizik Road Shoes Vento Infinito Carbon 2! These shoes are engineered to excel in all road cycling conditions, providing ultimate power transfer, ventilation, and comfort. With their full carbon outsole, they offer incredible stiffness, enabling efficient energy transfer with every pedal stroke. The damaged packaging may be a small inconvenience, but it's nothing compared to the thrill you'll feel as you ride in these top-of-the-line shoes. The Vento Infinito Carbon 2 features a precise Boa Fit System, allowing you to dial in the perfect fit quickly and easily. No matter the distance or the intensity of your ride, these Fizik Road Shoes Vento Infinito Carbon 2 will ensure optimal performance and style.

Tech Specs

ModelVento Infinito Carbon 2


  • Professional-level performance: The Vento Infinito Carbon 2 road shoes are designed for professional-level performance, offering excellent power transfer and comfort.
  • Ventilated design: These shoes feature a ventilated design that promotes airflow, keeping feet cool and dry even during intense rides.
  • Customizable fit: The shoes come with a double Boa closure system, allowing riders to customize the fit precisely to their preferences and foot shape.
  • Carbon sole: The shoes have a full carbon sole that maximizes power transfer, ensuring every pedal stroke counts and contributing to enhanced performance.
  • Damaged packaging: The damaged packaging does not affect the functionality or quality of the shoes. While the packaging may be compromised, the shoes themselves are still in optimal condition and retain all their performance features.

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