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FSA Gradient Bash Ring Polycarbonate W/Bolts Bcd104

FSA Gradient Bash Ring Polycarbonate W/Bolts Bcd104
Color: Black


Size: 36-38T
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Protect your chainring and keep your chain in place with the FSA Gradient Bash Ring. Crafted from durable polycarbonate and accompanied by sturdy bolts, this bash ring is a lightweight yet robust solution for riders who tackle rugged terrains. With a BCD104 pattern, it's compatible with a wide range of chainring setups. This versatile accessory not only safeguards your drivetrain but also adds a touch of style to your bike. From rocky descents to technical climbs, the Gradient Bash Ring ensures you can push your limits without worrying about damage.

Tech Specs

ModelGradient Bash Ring Polycarbonate W/Bolts Bcd104


  • Polycarbonate bash ring designed to protect your chainring.
  • Compatible with BCD104 (Bolt Circle Diameter) chainrings.
  • Lightweight and durable material for off-road protection.
  • Comes with bolts for easy installation.
  • Ideal for riders looking to safeguard their drivetrain on rough terrain.

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