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Tyrolia Attack 12 Gw Ski Bindings W/ Brakes 2024

Tyrolia Attack 12 Gw Ski Bindings W/ Brakes 2024
Color: White


Size: 110mm
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Elevate your skiing experience with the Head Attack 12 GW Ski Bindings for 2024! Crafted with precision engineering, these bindings seamlessly blend power and agility. The GW (GripWalk) compatibility ensures versatility across various boot sole norms, making transitions a breeze. The brakes add an extra layer of safety, giving you the confidence to conquer any slope. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an avid enthusiast, the Head Attack 12 GW bindings redefine control and responsiveness, unlocking a new level of performance for your alpine adventures.

Tech Specs

GenderMen's, Women's
ModelAttack 12 Gw Ski Bindings W/ Brakes
Model Year2024
International AvailabilityArgentina,Australia,Chile,Ireland,Japan,New Zealand,UK,United States,Canada


  • GripWalk Compatibility: The Head Attack 12 GW bindings are compatible with GripWalk boot soles, offering versatility and accommodating the evolving standards in ski boot technology.
  • Horizontal Toe Adjustment: The bindings feature a horizontal toe adjustment system, allowing for quick and easy customization to fit various boot sizes and sole lengths without the need for tools.
  • Forward Pressure Adjustment: Riders can adjust the forward pressure on these bindings, ensuring optimal retention and release values based on their skiing style, weight, and skill level.
  • Lightweight Design: Constructed with lightweight materials, the bindings aim to minimize the overall weight on the skis, enhancing maneuverability and reducing fatigue during extended periods on the slopes.
  • Anti-Friction Slider: The bindings incorporate an anti-friction slider that enhances the precision of release, promoting safety by reducing the risk of pre-release and ensuring a reliable performance on the mountain.

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