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Head Joy 11 SLR Ski Bindings

Head Joy 11 SLR Ski Bindings
Color: Matte Black/White
Size: 78mm
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Elevate your skiing experience with the Head Joy 11 SLR Ski Bindings, a fusion of precision engineering and user-friendly design. These bindings are the key to unlocking your potential on the slopes, offering a seamless connection between you and your skis. The SLR (SuperLiteRail) system not only ensures a lightweight setup but also enhances the ski's flex, giving you unparalleled control in every turn. With an easy step-in design and tool-free adjustment options, these bindings prioritize convenience without compromising performance. The Head Joy 11 SLR bindings are not just an accessory; they are the missing link that transforms your skiing into a fluid dance, where every movement feels intuitive, and every slope becomes a canvas for your personal style.

Tech Specs

Bindings Boot CompatibleAdult
Model Year2018
Bindings AdjustableYes
Bindings Brake Width Range70-79mm
Bindings Max Din11
Bindings Min Din3


  • SuperLiteRail (SLR) System: The Joy 11 SLR bindings feature Head's SuperLiteRail (SLR) system, which is designed to reduce weight and provide a direct connection between the ski and the binding, enhancing power transmission and responsiveness.
  • Diagonal Toe: The bindings incorporate a diagonal toe that allows for efficient release in various directions during a fall, reducing the risk of injury. This safety feature is especially valuable for skiers of different skill levels.
  • SXG Heel: The SXG heel design offers a wide heel track for increased lateral stability and improved power transmission. It also provides easy step-in functionality, making it convenient for skiers to get into their bindings.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: The Joy 11 SLR bindings offer tool-free adjustment capabilities, allowing skiers to easily customize the binding settings to their preferred DIN values without the need for additional tools.
  • Brake Options: With various brake width options, these bindings cater to different ski widths, ensuring compatibility with a range of skis. Skiers can choose the appropriate brake size to match the width of their skis for optimal performance and safety.

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