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Heavy Sports Heavy Hand Grippers 100lbs

Heavy Sports Heavy Hand Grippers 100lbs
Color: Black
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Looking to strengthen your forearms and gain a solid grip? Then the Heavy Sports Heavy Grips are for you. These high quality aluminum hand grippers are designed to improve your grip -- by increasing resistance with each individual size. Like a stress ball, blow off steam while getting your arms ripped.

Tech Specs

Model Year2018
International AvailabilityUnited States, Canada


  • Handles are knurled and coated for a firm and non-slip grip
  • Electrophoretic coated spring
  • Crafted with 50 inch-force-lb torque increments from 100lbs to 350lbs
  • Developed for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level
  • 100 lbs - beginner and warmup grips
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