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    Intuition Dh-Tongue Hd 9Mm Liner

    Intuition Dh-Tongue Hd 9Mm Liner
    Size: 22

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    Get ready to revolutionize your skiing with the Intuition Dh-Tongue Hd 9mm Ski Boot Liner! Crafted to provide an exceptional fit and feel, this 9mm liner incorporates cutting-edge Dh-Tongue technology that optimizes your control and responsiveness. Glide through snow like never before while reveling in the comfort and customization this liner offers. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to unparalleled ski experiences.

    Tech Specs

    ModelIntuition Dh-Tongue Hd 9Mm


    • Optimized for downhill skiing enthusiasts.
    • 9mm thickness balances warmth and responsiveness.
    • Tongue-style liner for straightforward wearing and fitting.
    • Offers improved control and energy transmission during turns.
    • Great choice for skiers aiming for a mix of comfort and performance.

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