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K2 Broadcast Parker Szumowski Edt Snowboard 2024

K2 Broadcast Parker Szumowski Edt Snowboard 2024
Size: 153cm
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Dive into the world of freestyle snowboarding with the K2 Broadcast Parker Szumowski Edt Snowboard 2024, a board that echoes the creativity and energy of the legendary rider himself. This snowboard is a work of art, combining Szumowski's unique style with K2's top-notch craftsmanship. From backcountry powder to terrain parks, the Broadcast excels, offering a versatile and exhilarating ride. The board's camber profile provides stability and pop, while the shape ensures maneuverability. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a daring newcomer, the Broadcast Parker Szumowski Edt Snowboard is your ticket to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the mountain.


  • Parker Szumowski Pro Model: The Broadcast snowboard is designed as the Parker Szumowski Edition, integrating the pro rider's preferences and style into its construction for an elite snowboarding experience.
  • Directional Camber Profile: The snowboard features a directional camber profile, combining the stability of camber underfoot with the float and maneuverability of rocker in the nose, enhancing performance in diverse mountain terrain.
  • Carbon Infused: Incorporating carbon-infused fiberglass in its construction, the board offers increased responsiveness, energy transfer, and pop, making it suitable for advanced riders seeking precision in their maneuvers.
  • Bambooyah Core: The Bambooyah core provides a lightweight yet robust foundation, utilizing sustainably sourced bamboo for optimal strength-to-weight ratio and an eco-friendly touch.
  • Sintered 4000 Base: The sintered 4000 base enhances speed and durability, ensuring a smooth glide across various snow conditions and adding an extra layer of resilience to the board.

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