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    K2 Disruption Rx Skis 2023 w/ Marker M3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings 2023

    K2 Disruption Rx Skis 2023 w/ Marker M3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings 2023
    Size: 149cm
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    The K2 Disruption Rx Skis, coupled with the high-performance Marker M3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings 2023, herald a new era of precision and power on the slopes. These skis are a testament to K2's dedication to pushing the boundaries of skiing technology. The sleek design not only screams sophistication but also hints at the incredible performance that awaits riders. The Marker M3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings offer a seamless fusion of power and control, translating every move into an exhilarating dance on the snow. Whether you're cruising down groomed runs or tackling challenging terrain, the Disruption Rx Skis promise an unmatched level of responsiveness and stability, setting a benchmark for all skiers seeking the pinnacle of performance.

    Tech Specs

    Ski Includes Ski BindingsYes
    ModelDisruption Rx
    Ski Board BaseExtruded
    Ski Board ConstructionCap
    Ski Board CoreWood
    Ski Twin TipNo
    Ski Waist Width76mm
    Ski Waist Width Range70-79mm
    Ability Level:
    Ability Level Image
    Ski Terrain
    All Mountain
    All Mountain
    Pipe, Park
    Pipe, Park
    Backcountry, Touring
    Backcountry, Touring
    Goomers, Carving
    Goomers, Carving
    Big Mountain
    Big Mountain


    • The K2 Disruption Rx Skis are engineered for intermediate to advanced skiers seeking precision, responsiveness, and stability on groomed slopes.
    • The ski set includes Marker M3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings, known for their reliability and easy adjustability to different boot sizes.
    • With a focus on carving performance, the Disruption Rx Skis feature a versatile sidecut and construction that allows for quick and precise turns.
    • The skis incorporate advanced materials and technology, such as Titanal I-Beam, to provide a balance of power, control, and a smooth ride.

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