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K2 Instrument Snowboard 2024

K2 Instrument Snowboard 2024
Size: 151cm
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Unleash your full potential on the powdery canvas of the mountains with the K2 Instrument Snowboard 2024. Crafted for the true snowboarding enthusiast, this board is a symphony of precision and power. The Instrument is designed to dominate any terrain, from groomed slopes to untouched powder. Its cutting-edge technology ensures a responsive and nimble ride, allowing you to dance through the snow with unparalleled control. This board is a musical instrument, and the slopes are your stage. Whether you're carving through fresh powder or mastering tricks in the park, the K2 Instrument is your key to a thrilling and harmonious snowboarding experience.

Tech Specs



  • Freestyle-Focused: Tailored for riders who prefer a playful and maneuverable experience.
  • Bambooyah Core: Integrates bamboo for a lightweight and durable core construction.
  • Tweekend Baseline: Rockered tips for increased float and easier turn initiation.
  • Biaxial Glass: Delivers a forgiving flex pattern suitable for freestyle riding.
  • 4000 Sintered Base: High-density base material for improved speed and durability.

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