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    Kastle Px81 Multiflex w/ Head PRD 12 MBS Men's Skis 2023

    Kastle Px81 Multiflex w/ Head PRD 12 MBS Men's Skis 2023
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    Elevate your skiing prowess to new heights with the Kastle Px81 Multiflex skis, matched flawlessly with the Head PRD 12 MBS bindings for the 2023 season. These skis are a masterpiece of engineering, designed for men who crave speed, precision, and the ultimate alpine experience. The Px81's Multiflex technology delivers unparalleled responsiveness, allowing you to conquer the most challenging slopes with finesse. Paired with the Head PRD 12 MBS bindings, your connection to the skis is not just efficient—it's symbiotic. It's time to redefine your limits, and with this dynamic duo, the mountain is your canvas, and you are the artist.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2023
    Ski Includes Ski BindingsYes
    Ski Board BaseSintered
    Ski Board ConstructionSandwich
    Ski Board CoreWood
    Ski Twin TipPartial
    Ski Waist Width81mm
    Ski Waist Width Range80-89mm
    Ability Level:
    Ability Level Image
    Ski Terrain
    All Mountain
    All Mountain
    Pipe, Park
    Pipe, Park
    Backcountry, Touring
    Backcountry, Touring
    Goomers, Carving
    Goomers, Carving
    Big Mountain
    Big Mountain


    • Multiflex Technology: The Kastle Px81 incorporates Multiflex technology, allowing the skis to adapt to different snow conditions and terrains while maintaining stability and precision.
    • Head PRD 12 MBS Bindings: Paired with Head PRD 12 MBS bindings, these skis offer a high level of control and power transfer, suitable for advanced skiers looking for a responsive setup.
    • Precision and Stability: The skis are known for their precision on groomed slopes and stability at higher speeds, making them ideal for aggressive and confident skiers seeking performance.
    • 81mm Waist Width: With an 81mm waist width, these skis strike a balance between quick edge-to-edge transitions and sufficient floatation, providing versatility across a range of snow conditions.
    • Men's-Specific Design: Engineered with a focus on men's anatomy and skiing preferences, the Kastle Px81 is tailored to deliver a satisfying and powerful skiing experience for male skiers.

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