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    Kona Wah Wah 2 Composite Flat Pedals

    Kona Wah Wah 2 Composite Flat Pedals
    Color: Black
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    Kona Wah Wah 2 composite Flat Pedals are an awesome way to save some money and customize the look of your bike while adding a large grippy platform to stand on. These composite pedals have replaceable pins so you will be able to rock these pedals for a great amount of time. The wide platform design gives you more room to have your foot in the right position every time so you can shred your favorite trails with confidence. Pick up a pair of these platform pedals and get your thrash on.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2018


  • Serviceable bearing system
  • 14 replaceable pins
  • Weight: 360g
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