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    Leki Qntm Ski Poles 2024

    Leki Qntm Ski Poles 2024
    Color: Black/Red
    Size: 110cm
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    Prepare to redefine your skiing prowess with the Leki Qntm Ski Poles for 2024! Engineered to meet the demands of advanced skiers and professionals, these poles boast a perfect blend of strength and flexibility. The Qntm poles feature a state-of-the-art carbon construction, delivering optimal power transmission and lightning-fast pole plants. The innovative Trigger S grip system provides seamless integration between your hands and the poles, enhancing control and reducing fatigue. With customizable lengths and a striking design, these poles offer a dynamic edge that complements your high-performance skiing style, making every run an exhilarating journey.

    Tech Specs

    GenderMen's, Women's
    Model Year2024
    Ski Pole Basket TypeStandard
    Ski Pole ConstructionAluminum


    • Carbon Core: Integrates a carbon fiber core for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to improved swing dynamics and better overall performance.
    • Speed Lock+ Mechanism: Features an upgraded Speed Lock+ mechanism for rapid and secure length adjustment, catering to dynamic skiing conditions.
    • Dual Trigger 3D Pro Grips: Offers a dual-density grip with an extended handle for versatile grip positions and precise control, even during aggressive skiing.
    • Interchangeable Baskets: Designed with quick-change basket system to adapt to varying snow conditions, making it suitable for both powder and groomed trails.
    • Anti-Vibration Technology: Utilizes Leki's proprietary technology to minimize vibrations, enhancing stability and reducing arm fatigue during high-speed descents.

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