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    Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles 2024

    Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles 2024
    Color: Berry
    Size: 100cm

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    Unleash your skiing potential with the Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles for 2024! Merging innovation with style, these poles redefine performance on the slopes. The Spitfire 3D poles feature a unique 3D-shaped aluminum shaft, optimizing aerodynamics and reducing drag for lightning-fast descents. The dynamic Trigger S system provides instant pole release and secure grip, enhancing your control and rhythm. With adjustable lengths and ergonomic grips, these poles ensure a personalized fit that aligns with your skiing style. Stand out on the mountain with the striking design and unleash your passion for speed and precision. Elevate your skiing adventures with the Spitfire 3D poles and experience the thrill of pushing your limits like never before.

    Tech Specs

    GenderMen's, Women's
    ModelSpitfire 3D
    Model Year2024
    Ski Pole Basket TypeStandard
    Ski Pole ConstructionAluminum


    • Innovative Shaft Shape: Boasts a unique 3D-shaped shaft that provides aerodynamic advantages, reducing air resistance during high-speed descents.
    • Titanal Construction: Incorporates Titanal, a high-strength aluminum alloy, for enhanced durability and stability even in demanding skiing conditions.
    • Trigger 3D Pro G Grip: Offers a specialized grip with 3D shaping, providing ergonomic comfort and a secure hold for precise pole control.
    • Speed Tip: Equipped with a high-quality carbide tip that ensures optimal grip and traction on icy and hard-packed terrain.
    • Dynamic Look: Features a modern and dynamic design with metallic finishes and attention-grabbing aesthetics that match the pole's high-performance characteristics.

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