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    Lezyne Shock Drive Pump Black

    Lezyne Shock Drive Pump Black
    Color: Black

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    High-pressure hose threads onto suspension valves providing a secure connection. Water resistant gauge is integrated into the hose for a slim profile. If you need a shock pump to help get your suspension dialed in this is a great option for you. Built-in bleeder valve makes it easy to get a perfect pressure quickly.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2018


  • Max: 300psi, 20.6bar
  • Size: 205mm, 84g
  • Aluminuim Construction: Aluminium is a lightweight, durable material used for handles, barrels, pistons, and various other pump components.
  • Integrated Gauge: In-line pressure gauge for accurate inflation. Contains clear and easy to read marks for psi and bar.
  • CNC Machined: Custom CNC-machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction.
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