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Line Pescado Skis 2024

Line Pescado Skis 2024
Size: 180cm
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The Line Pescado Skis 2024 are a powder lover's dream come true. With their unique swallowtail design and generous 125mm waist width, these skis are built to effortlessly float through deep snow like a pro. Inspired by surfboards, the Pescado Skis offer an unparalleled surfy feel, allowing you to slash and carve your way down the mountain with style and ease. The skis feature Line's Cloud Core, which combines lightweight materials with a dampening layer, providing a smooth and stable ride even in challenging conditions. The Pescado Skis are perfect for adventurous skiers who seek out untracked lines and want to experience the pure joy of surfing through powder. Get ready to unleash your inner powder hound and make every day on the mountain a memorable one with the Line Pescado Skis 2024!

Tech Specs

Model Year2024
International AvailabilityArgentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States, Canada
Ski Includes Ski BindingsNo
Ski Board BaseSintered
Ski Board ConstructionSandwich
Ski Board CoreWood
Ski Twin TipNo
Ski Waist Width125mm
Ski Waist Width Range120-129mm
Ability Level:
Ability Level Image
Ski Terrain
All Mountain
All Mountain
Pipe, Park
Pipe, Park
Backcountry, Touring
Backcountry, Touring
Goomers, Carving
Goomers, Carving
Big Mountain
Big Mountain


  • Powder-specific Design: The Line Pescado Skis are designed specifically for deep powder snow conditions, offering excellent floatation and maneuverability in deep snow.
  • Wide and Rockered Profile: These skis have a wide and rockered profile, allowing them to effortlessly glide over powder snow while reducing the risk of tip dive.
  • Surf-like Feel: The Pescado Skis offer a surf-like feel on the mountain, allowing skiers to make smooth, flowing turns in deep snow and experience the thrill of riding waves.
  • Directional Shape: These skis have a directional shape, with a longer and wider nose compared to the tail, providing enhanced stability and control when charging through powder.
  • Playful and Fun: The Pescado Skis have a playful and fun nature, encouraging skiers to explore the backcountry and enjoy the unique experience of powder skiing.

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