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    Look Nx 7 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings Kid's 2025

    Look Nx 7 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings Kid's 2025
    Color: Black
    Size: 83mm
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    The Look Nx 7 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings for Kids 2024 are an absolute game-changer for young skiers. These bindings prioritize safety with a precise release system while ensuring a snug fit for excellent control. They're incredibly lightweight, maximizing power transmission for excellent performance on the slopes. The ease of entry and exit fosters independence, and their sleek and modern design ensures your young skier stands out in style. These bindings are a must-have, offering safety, performance, and aesthetics in one impressive package, making every skiing adventure a memorable and exciting one for your child.

    Tech Specs

    GenderBoy's, Girl's
    ModelNx 7 Gw
    Model Year2025


    • Junior-Specific Design: The Look Nx 7 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings are engineered specifically for junior skiers, ensuring a safe and comfortable skiing experience for young riders. These bindings feature a lighter construction to match the needs of lighter-weight skiers.
    • GripWalk Compatibility: These bindings are compatible with GripWalk (GW) boot soles, offering versatility for skiers who may use different types of boots. This compatibility ensures that young skiers can use a variety of boots with these bindings.
    • DIN Range: The DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) range for these bindings typically falls in the 2-7 range. This range allows for adjustability based on the skier's weight and ability level, providing optimal release settings for safety.
    • Easy Step-In Design: The Look Nx 7 Gw bindings feature a user-friendly step-in design, making it effortless for junior skiers to get in and out of their bindings without struggling or needing assistance, promoting independence on the slopes.
    • Durability and Safety: Look is known for its durable bindings, and the Nx 7 Gw is no exception. These bindings are constructed to withstand the rigors of skiing, providing reliable retention and release mechanisms to enhance the safety of young skiers on the mountain.

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