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Microshift Down Tube Shifter Set Double/Triple

Microshift Down Tube Shifter Set Double/Triple
Color: Silver


Size: 8 Speed Shimano Compatible
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The Microshift Down Tube Shifter Set is a masterpiece of simplicity and reliability. Perfect for riders who appreciate the classic feel of a down tube shifter, this set is compatible with both double and triple chainring configurations, offering exceptional flexibility. These shifters are intuitive to use, allowing you to effortlessly fine-tune your gears while on the move. Their timeless design complements any bike's aesthetics, and their durable construction guarantees years of dependable performance. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely ride or a competitive race, the Microshift Down Tube Shifter Set provides a delightful connection between you and your bike, making every journey an absolute pleasure.

Tech Specs

ModelDown Tube Shifter Set Double/Triple


  • Down Tube Mounting: These shifters are meant to be mounted on the down tube of your bicycle frame, providing a classic and straightforward shifting method.
  • Double/Triple Chainring Compatibility: They are suitable for both double and triple chainring setups, offering flexibility.
  • Vintage Aesthetic: Down tube shifters are often preferred for their vintage and minimalist appearance on classic road bikes.
  • Durable Construction: Microshift designs these shifters to withstand the rigors of road cycling while ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth Gear Changes: They provide smooth and consistent gear changes for a comfortable and controlled ride.

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