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Microshift Ds85 Shifter Triple Optical Gear Indicator Shimano Compati

Microshift Ds85 Shifter Triple Optical Gear Indicator Shimano Compati
Size: Left Twist
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The Microshift DS85 Shifter is a game-changer for cycling enthusiasts. With its Triple Optical Gear Indicator, you'll always know exactly which gear you're in, making your rides smoother and more enjoyable. Designed to be Shimano compatible, this shifter offers seamless integration with your existing setup. The intuitive design and responsive shifting make conquering tough terrains a breeze. Whether you're climbing steep hills or cruising down winding descents, the DS85 ensures every gear transition is as smooth as silk. Upgrade your ride and take your cycling experience to the next level with this exceptional shifter!

Tech Specs

ModelDs85 Shifter Triple Optical Gear Indicator Shimano Compati


  • Triple Chainring Support: These shifters are designed to work with triple chainring setups, allowing for a wide range of gear options.
  • Optical Gear Indicator: Featuring an optical gear indicator, they make it easy to see the current gear position at a glance.
  • Shimano Compatibility: They are compatible with Shimano components, ensuring seamless integration with your bike's drivetrain.
  • Smooth Shifting: Microshift DS85 shifters provide smooth and precise shifting for a more enjoyable cycling experience.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to be durable and reliable, they can handle the demands of both road and off-road riding.

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