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    Nidecker Play Snowboard 2023 with Nidecker Muon-X Bindings

    Nidecker Play Snowboard 2023 with Nidecker Muon-X Bindings
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    If you are looking to get your first board and want to beat the rental system this is the Play that leads to success. The Nidecker Play is an excellent choice for new riders looking to have fun on the mountain while not being punished by their board. The Play offers a great camber profile, Nidecker's CamRock, which makes for easy turn initiation and exit, and aids in less edges caught. When selecting a new snowboard, the Nidecker Play is a game changer. Meet the new black Snowboard Bindings from Defiance the G1, perfect for those new to the sport. This quality made binding features adjustable forward lean and aluminum ratchet closures to provide optimal fit. With beginner to intermediate riders in mind, the G1 bindings provide optimal performance at a great value. These sleek, black designed bindings are the perfect companion to your snowboard.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2023
    Ski Board BaseExtruded
    Ski Board CoreWood
    Snowboard Directional FlexDirectional Twin
    Ski Board ConstructionSandwich
    Ski Board Rocker TypeFlat
    Snowboard FlexSoft
    Ability Level:
    Ability Level Image
    Snowboard Terrain
    All Mountain
    All Mountain
    Pipe, Park
    Pipe, Park
    Backcountry, Touring
    Backcountry, Touring
    Goomers, Carving
    Goomers, Carving
    Big Mountain
    Big Mountain



  • Style: Snowsurf
  • Profile: Dir CamRock
  • Flex: Soft
  • Base: Sintered

  • Bindings:

    Aluminum ratchets: A more durable option to plastic or steel ratchets, they are just as light as plastic, but a lot more durable. The teeth that grab the ladder strap also won't wear down as fast, so the ratchet is less likely to slip after frequent usage.

    4 Hole Disc: This binding has the standard 4 hole pattern to fit any snowboard, except Burton.

    High Grade plastic Highback: A nice high back built give you comfort and response, and built to take some punishment and keep ticking.

    Adjustable Forward Lean: Adjust the position of the highback for more flexibility for freestyle, or more forward to get better performance at high speed.

    Lock In Toe Strap: Don't just cup the toe of your boots, lock it in. This cored out toe strap grips your boot better than any full cap strap.

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