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ODI Flangless Longneck Grips

ODI Flangless Longneck Grips
Color: Blue
Size: 143mm

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Simplicity meets extraordinary comfort with the ODI Flangless Longneck Grips. These grips take the classic Longneck design and strip away the flange, leaving you with a sleek, minimalist grip that's perfect for any type of riding. Crafted from ODI's legendary rubber compound, they offer the perfect balance between softness and durability. The Longneck pattern provides an iconic look that riders have loved for years, but with the added bonus of a flange-free design for a clean finish and a unique feel. Whether you're cruising the streets, hitting the park, or shredding the bowl, these grips offer timeless style and a comfortable, confidence-boosting grip.

Tech Specs

ModelFlangless Longneck Grips


  • Iconic Design: ODI's Longneck grips are known for their classic design, offering a timeless look that many riders appreciate.
  • Flangeless Design: These grips feature a flangeless design, providing riders with unrestricted hand movement and grip customization.
  • Comfortable Feel: Longneck grips are praised for their comfortable and cushioned feel, reducing hand fatigue during extended rides.
  • Multiple Color Options: These grips are available in a variety of colors, allowing riders to choose the one that best matches their bike's aesthetics.
  • Durability: ODI Flangeless Longneck Grips are built to last, with a robust rubber compound that can withstand the rigors of BMX, skateboarding, or scooter riding.

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