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ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless

ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless
Color: Purple
Size: 21

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For a grip that combines the legendary comfort of the Longneck series with a flangeless design, the ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless are a revelation. These grips are all about simplicity and pure performance. The soft compound material ensures a plush feel in your hands, while the flangeless design offers unrestricted hand placement, making them ideal for tricks and precision riding. With the Longneck Flangeless grips, you're getting a straightforward, no-nonsense accessory that enhances your bike's handling without any unnecessary frills.

Tech Specs

ModelLongneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless


  • Soft and Comfortable: These ODI Longneck grips are made from a soft compound rubber for a comfortable and grippy feel.
  • Flangeless Design: Unlike the previous version, these grips are flangeless, providing a minimalist look and feel.
  • Durable Material: ODI's renowned quality ensures that these grips are durable and can withstand the rigors of BMX and other action sports.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various handlebar sizes, these grips are a popular choice among BMX, freestyle, and scooter riders.
  • Easy Installation: The flangeless design makes it easier to slide these grips onto your handlebars without the need for additional hardware.

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