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ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless F01Slbr

ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless F01Slbr
Color: Red

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When it comes to the ODI Longneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless F01SLBR, you're diving headfirst into a world of BMX and MTB grip excellence. These grips take the beloved Longneck design and add a flangeless twist. Crafted from a soft compound material, they deliver an outstanding blend of comfort and control, ideal for long rides or technical descents. The flangeless design keeps your grip area open, allowing for quick hand adjustments during tricks and maneuvers. With their distinctive style and top-tier performance, the F01SLBR grips are a must-have for riders who demand nothing less than perfection.

Tech Specs

ModelLongneck Grips Soft Compound Flangeless F01Slbr


  • Unique Colorway: These ODI Longneck grips are available in the F01Slbr colorway, which features a distinctive look to enhance your bike's appearance.
  • Soft Compound Rubber: The soft compound material ensures a comfortable grip, even during long rides and challenging tricks.
  • Flangeless Design: These grips are flangeless, providing a sleek and streamlined profile without flared ends.
  • Respected Brand: ODI is a trusted name in the BMX and action sports community, known for producing reliable grips and handlebar accessories.
  • Easy to Customize: The unique color and flangeless design make these grips a great choice for riders who want a customized and stylish setup.

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