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RaceFace Chainring Direct Mount

RaceFace Chainring Direct Mount
Color: BLACK


Size: DM, 30T, 10-12 Speed, 3 Bolt
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Take your cycling performance to new heights with the RaceFace Chainring Direct Mount! This high-quality chainring is designed for maximum efficiency and durability. The direct mount system ensures a solid connection between your crankset and chainring, reducing flex and improving power transfer. Made from premium aluminum alloy, the RaceFace Chainring is lightweight yet incredibly strong, standing up to the rigors of intense riding. With its optimized tooth profile, this chainring ensures smooth and precise shifting, allowing you to maintain momentum and conquer any terrain. Whether you're racing, tackling steep climbs, or exploring trails, the RaceFace Chainring Direct Mount is a reliable and performance-driven choice for every cyclist.

Tech Specs

International AvailabilityArgentina,Australia,Chile,Ireland,Japan,New Zealand,UK,United States,Canada


  • Direct mount chainring designed for improved performance and durability.
  • Offers a secure and reliable connection to the crankset.
  • Compatible with RaceFace cranksets and designed to optimize chain retention and shifting.
  • Made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Provides options for different tooth counts to accommodate various riding preferences.

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