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    Rossignol DISTRICT INFRABLACK Complete Snowboard Package with Head Legacy Boots

    Rossignol DISTRICT INFRABLACK Complete Snowboard Package with Head Legacy Boots
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    Experience the pinnacle of snowboarding innovation with the Rossignol DISTRICT INFRABLACK Complete Snowboard Package. The DISTRICT snowboard itself, featuring a combination of camber and rocker profiles, delivers the perfect blend of control and playfulness on any terrain. Paired with Head Legacy Boots, renowned for their comfort and precision, this package caters to riders of all levels. The sleek INFRABLACK design not only turns heads on the slopes but also reflects the cutting-edge technology within. Elevate your snowboarding experience with this comprehensive package designed for those who demand the best.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2023
    MaterialFiber injected PA
    Ski Board BaseExtruded
    Ski Board CoreWood
    Snowboard Boot FlexMedium
    Snowboard Boot Lacing SystemBoa
    Snowboard Boot Liner TypeRemovable
    Snowboard Directional FlexTwin
    International AvailabilityArgentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States, Canada
    Snowboard Binding TerrainAll Mountain,Freestyle
    Ski Board ConstructionSandwich
    Ski Board Rocker TypeCamber
    Snowboard FlexSoft
    Ability Level:
    Ability Level Image
    Snowboard Terrain
    All Mountain
    All Mountain
    Pipe, Park
    Pipe, Park
    Backcountry, Touring
    Backcountry, Touring
    Goomers, Carving
    Goomers, Carving
    Big Mountain
    Big Mountain


    • All-in-One Package: The Rossignol DISTRICT INFRABLACK package includes a complete snowboard setup, offering convenience for riders looking for a comprehensive solution.
    • DISTRICT Snowboard: The DISTRICT snowboard features a versatile profile suitable for all-mountain riding, catering to a wide range of snowboarding styles and preferences.
    • Head Legacy Boots: Paired with Head Legacy Boots, this package provides comfortable and supportive footwear for snowboarders, enhancing control and performance.
    • User-Friendly Bindings: Equipped with user-friendly bindings, the setup is suitable for riders of varying skill levels, providing an accessible and enjoyable snowboarding experience.
    • Infrablack Design: The INFRABLACK design on the snowboard adds a stylish and distinctive visual element, making a statement on the slopes.

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