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    Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard 2023 with Defiance G1 Snowboard Bindings

    Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard 2023 with Defiance G1 Snowboard Bindings
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    Experience the rhythm of the mountain with the Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard 2023, a true performer in the world of snowboarding. Crafted for all-mountain exploration, this board combines playful agility with stability, making it equally adept in powdery bowls and challenging descents. Paired with the Defiance G1 Snowboard Bindings, your connection to the board is seamless. These bindings offer quick response and enhanced control, allowing you to carve through any terrain with confidence. Whether you're throwing stylish tricks in the park or carving fresh lines in the backcountry, the Salomon Dancehaul and Defiance G1 combo is your invitation to dance with the snow.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2023
    Ski Board CoreWood
    Ski Board BaseSintered
    Ski Board ConstructionSandwich
    Ski Board Rocker TypeFlat
    Snowboard Directional FlexDirectional
    Snowboard FlexMedium
    Ability Level:
    Ability Level Image
    Snowboard Terrain
    All Mountain
    All Mountain
    Pipe, Park
    Pipe, Park
    Backcountry, Touring
    Backcountry, Touring
    Goomers, Carving
    Goomers, Carving
    Big Mountain
    Big Mountain


    • Snowboard Profile: The Salomon Dancehaul features a versatile and playful snowboard profile, combining rocker and camber elements for enhanced maneuverability and stability.
    • Bindings: Paired with the Defiance G1 Snowboard Bindings, known for their lightweight design and responsive performance, allowing riders to easily control their board in various conditions.
    • Construction: The snowboard is constructed with durable materials, ensuring longevity and responsiveness, while maintaining a playful and forgiving feel for riders of different skill levels.
    • Terrain Adaptability: Suitable for riders who enjoy exploring various terrains, from groomed runs to powder, thanks to its adaptable design and responsive characteristics.
    • Year 2023 Model: The 2023 model incorporates the latest design enhancements and technologies, providing snowboarders with a cutting-edge and enjoyable riding experience.

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