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    Salomon Strive 12 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings 2024

    Salomon Strive 12 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings 2024
    Color: Black/Silver
    Size: 100mm

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    Elevate your skiing game with the Salomon Strive 12 GW Alpine Ski Bindings 2024. These bindings are a true testament to Salomon's dedication to pushing boundaries in the snow sports industry. With a focus on performance and safety, the Strive 12 GW bindings offer optimal power transmission, allowing you to carve and glide with precision. The seamless integration of GW compatibility ensures that you can enjoy both skiing performance and walking comfort. The adjustable DIN settings cater to a wide range of skiers, from intermediate cruisers to expert chargers. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to an unparalleled alpine experience with the Salomon Strive 12 GW bindings.

    Tech Specs

    ModelStrive 12 Gw Alpine Ski Bindings
    Model Year2024


    • Binding Performance: The Salomon Strive 12 GW Alpine Ski Bindings are designed for advanced skiers seeking precise power transmission and enhanced control on various types of slopes.
    • GW Compatibility: These bindings are compatible with both traditional alpine boot soles and GripWalk (GW) boot soles, providing skiers with boot compatibility options.
    • DIN Adjustability: With an adjustable DIN range, skiers can customize the release settings to match their skill level, weight, and skiing preferences, promoting safety on the mountain.
    • Strong and Lightweight: The bindings are constructed using a combination of strong and lightweight materials, reducing unnecessary weight while maintaining durability and strength.
    • Energy Transmission: Strive 12 bindings are engineered for efficient energy transfer from skier to ski, resulting in enhanced responsiveness and overall skiing performance.

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