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Salomon Strive 16 Mn Alpine Ski Bindings 2024

Salomon Strive 16 Mn Alpine Ski Bindings 2024
Color: Iridescent
Size: 100mm

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Elevate your skiing prowess with the Salomon Strive 16 Mn Alpine Ski Bindings 2024. Engineered for precision and speed, these bindings offer a seamless connection between you and your skis. The Strive 16 features the Automatic Wing Adjustment system, providing a secure and tailored fit for your boots, enhancing energy transmission and response. With a lightweight design and optimal power transfer, these bindings are a game-changer for aggressive skiers seeking maximum performance. Conquer the slopes with confidence, knowing that every turn and jump is backed by the reliability and responsiveness of the Salomon Strive 16 bindings.

Tech Specs

Model Year2024
International AvailabilityUnited States, Canada
ModelStrive 16 Mn Alpine Ski Bindings


  • Precision and Power: The Strive 16 bindings are designed for advanced skiers, offering precise power transmission and optimal energy transfer for maximum performance on the slopes.
  • Low Profile Chassis: With a low-profile chassis, these bindings provide a lower stand height for increased stability and improved sensitivity to the terrain, allowing for more precise control.
  • DIN Range 7-16: The bindings have a DIN range of 7-16, catering to aggressive skiers who demand high levels of release retention and power transmission in challenging conditions.
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment: The automatic wing adjustment ensures a precise fit with your ski boot, enhancing overall safety and reducing the risk of unintentional releases.
  • GripWalk Compatibility: The bindings are GripWalk compatible, offering versatility and allowing skiers to use both alpine and GripWalk boot soles for convenience and flexibility.

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