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    Salomon WARDEN 11 Adjustable Ski Bindings 2020

    Salomon WARDEN 11 Adjustable Ski Bindings 2020
    Size: 90mm
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    Embark on a thrilling skiing adventure with the Salomon WARDEN 11 Adjustable Ski Bindings for 2020! Engineered for versatility and performance, these bindings provide a responsive and reliable connection between you and your skis. The adjustable toe height and sliding AFD (Anti-Friction Device) ensure compatibility with various boot sole types, offering a personalized and secure fit. The WARDEN 11 bindings deliver power transmission and precision, whether you're carving groomers or navigating challenging off-piste terrain. Elevate your skiing experience with the confidence that comes from knowing your gear can keep up with your every move.

    Tech Specs

    Bindings Boot CompatibleChild;Adult
    Model Year2020
    Bindings AdjustableYes
    Bindings Max Din11
    Bindings Max Sole Length390mm
    Bindings Min Din3.5
    Bindings Min Sole Length262mm
    International AvailabilityArgentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States, Canada


    • Multi-Norm Compatibility: The Salomon WARDEN 11 bindings are compatible with multiple boot sole norms, providing versatility and accommodating a range of ski boot options.
    • Oversized Platform: Featuring an oversized platform, these bindings ensure maximum power transmission and energy absorption, enhancing control and stability during descents.
    • Automatic Wing Adjustment: The bindings are equipped with an Automatic Wing Adjustment that adapts to the shape of your boot toe, providing a secure and precise fit for optimized energy transfer.
    • Toe Height Adjustment: The toe height adjustment feature allows for easy customization, accommodating different boot sole heights and ensuring consistent release performance.
    • Freeski Brakes: The integrated Freeski Brakes are designed to provide reliable and efficient stopping power, preventing runaway skis and enhancing safety on the slopes.

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