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SRAM Dub Bottom Bracket Preload Adjuster Kit

SRAM Dub Bottom Bracket Preload Adjuster Kit
Color: Black

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The SRAM Dub Bottom Bracket Preload Adjuster Kit is a game-changer for any serious cyclist. It's the fine-tuning tool that allows you to optimize the performance of your SRAM Dub bottom bracket. With this kit, you have the power to dial in your bike's performance with unparalleled precision. Say goodbye to creaks and wobbles as you fine-tune your bottom bracket's performance to perfection. This adjuster kit is a must-have for riders who demand the most from their equipment, ensuring that every pedal stroke is as smooth as silk.

Tech Specs

ModelDub Bottom Bracket Preload Adjuster Kit


  • The SRAM Dub PF30 Bottom Bracket is specifically designed for road cycling applications.
  • It features the Dub technology, which simplifies bottom bracket standards and ensures compatibility.
  • This bottom bracket is engineered for durability, providing a smooth and efficient pedaling experience.
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to its user-friendly design.
  • Its PF30 interface makes it suitable for various road bike frames.

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