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    SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle Cold Forged Aluminum Chainring

    SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle Cold Forged Aluminum Chainring
    Size: 30T Direct Mount 6mm Offset

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    The SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle Cold Forged Aluminum Chainring is a must-have for any serious off-road cyclist. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chainring offers unparalleled chain retention and mud-shedding capabilities. The cold-forged aluminum construction ensures both strength and weight savings, making it perfect for demanding trail adventures. With SRAM's X-Sync 2 technology, your chain stays securely in place, providing smooth pedaling and unmatched control over rough terrain. Upgrade your mountain biking experience and ride with confidence, knowing your drivetrain is equipped with the best.

    Tech Specs

    ModelX-Sync 2 Eagle Cold Forged Aluminum Chainring


    • Eagle Chainring: The X-Sync 2 chainring is designed specifically for SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrains, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Cold Forged Aluminum: It's constructed from cold-forged aluminum for lightweight strength and durability, ideal for off-road biking.
    • Narrow-Wide Tooth Profile: The chainring features SRAM's patented X-Sync technology, with a narrow-wide tooth profile to improve chain retention.
    • Various Size Options: It comes in a range of tooth counts to suit different riding styles and terrain, allowing for customization.
    • Improved Chain Control: X-Sync 2 technology offers better mud-shedding capabilities, enhancing the overall reliability of your

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